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Heritage & Coal Mining Songs of Northeast Pennsylvania

  1. I Am An Old Coal Miner - (about Jay's grandfather)
  2. The Fires of Centralia - (a mine fire that still burns)
  3. Lattimer Massacre - (unarmed striking miners gunned down)
  4. Aberfan (When the Mountain Fell) - a Welsh school covered in coal slag
  5. Three Jolly Welshmen - (a lighthearted coal song)
  6. There's Coal in Summit Hill - (one of the first discoveries of coal which led to the roller-coaster)
  7. The Avondale Mine Disaster - (110 miners suffocated)
  8. The Knox Mine Disaster - (miners mine over the "red line")
  9. Scab in the School - (boy miners back in school during the 1902 strike)
  10. I Am An Old Coal Miner - (a slower sadder waltz version of song one)